santoshi shetty


The first time I heard santoshi shetty was in an interview with me for a local radio station. She was asked whether she believed in the afterlife, and she answered with an emphatic, “Yes!” It was one of the best things I’ve ever heard. She’s very honest. She’s very down to earth, and she’s very sincere. She is the real deal.

One of the most interesting things I learned about santoshi shetty was that she has a very strong belief in reincarnation; that is, she believes in life after death. She actually went on a date with the guy from the radio station I mentioned earlier, and she had a lot of interesting things to say about reincarnation. In fact, I’m sure she’s got plenty more to say about reincarnation. But that’s a story for another time.

Shetty is an odd name for a person. She is just as funny as you could be and so is I. She is the most unusual character. She’s a total badass.

She is a very unique person. I think its because she is a woman in a men’s world. She is a woman who is a total badass. I think its because she is very hard wired for violence. She is a very strong woman, and a very strong person. Shes an interesting character. She is very funny. She is very passionate about her work. She is very strong, and a very strong woman.

The reason is that an individual who has no knowledge of the world’s laws and is not a member of society or the law is simply not interested in the laws. A lot of writers are interested in how a person can be considered a member of society or the law, so I think it is a great idea.

This is a great idea! I was very surprised to see her on the cover of a movie in which she is shown as a super villain, not the hero of the movie! But when it comes to the reality of her character, I think it’s the best idea.

This idea of a super villain is great because it is based on a lot of the same things that have happened to me. I can easily imagine someone living in a town with a super-villain who has no knowledge of the laws, which is a very cool idea. But then it’s a very scary thing to think about, and a lot of people have no idea why I should think about the laws.

But again, the super villain is based on a very real concept- I am sure many people have no idea what they are like.

I am sure many people have no idea what they are like. I am sure the most famous super is the Joker, and that he is the most famous person in the world. So he is very clear to the people around him, but he hides his true nature. So even if people know what he is like they have to keep their distance because they know he is going to hurt them.

santoshi shetty’s appearance is based on the character of the superhero. If you don’t know what a superhero is, it’s a person who fights bad guys and helps people.

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