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I have a lot of friends that are engineers or computer programmers, and I would never call them out on their overuse of the word “program.

Overused? My God! Yeah sure, program is a verb. But the word is actually a noun, and the verb is actually a verb. So when my friend uses the word “programming” as a verb, it’s a huge misnomer.

So yes, I am not against the over usage of the word program. I just think that when programmers use it, they should be speaking of tasks, not tools. The word program is too often used to mean a tool, like a hammer or a screwdriver.

But it can also be a verb. And we get used to seeing programmers, like I said, using the word program to describe things. I used the word program in a different context in a recent post, when I was talking about the history of the word. So yes, the word program is probably overused, but I think it’s a good word.

I think the word program is being overused because people are focusing too much on the language. When people speak of programming, they are often talking about what they think the language of the program is, not what it actually is. For instance, I speak of the word program as if it is an actual, tangible thing. It is not.

So programs are made up of bits of code, not atoms. The atom is the smallest thing that is the blueprint for a program. So the language of the program is the bits of code it contains. This is an oversimplification, and I probably should have said more about this, but I think it is an important distinction.

If you are going to be making programming code at all, you have to be aware of the different aspects of the language it contains. For instance, you can have a language that defines variables and function arguments. The program is the set of variables and function arguments it contains. You can also make a language that describes the flow of a program by using statements and control flow statements.

There seems to be two different kinds of languages. One is called “imperative” because it has to do something to make the program happen. This is the kind of language you’re more likely to be using when programming in a traditional non-programming programming language like Java. The other is called declarative, which is a form of programming language that describes the meaning of the program.

The declarative format is not limited to just programming languages. It can be used to describe the flow of a program by using statements and control flow statements.

This is something you can use in any scripting language, not just programming languages. Since it is a declarative language, it allows you to specify exactly what the program is doing. It means you don’t need to worry about the exact order of when the program starts and ends to make sure the program works.

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