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The latest news of the Tamilnadu elections will be going on in a few more days. From the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission, it is expected that there will be a total of 26 candidates for the 10 seats of the state with 6, 8 and 10 being the first, second and third tier seats respectively. The candidates for the 2 tier seats will be N. C. Sivaraman, an Independent candidate, and M. R. K.

C. Sivaraman is an independent candidate from the Madras Assembly constituency in the state. There was speculation that he might switch to the BJP in the last elections in 2010 and now that there is a possibility of his switching, some political observers feel that it might be a good move for the BJP to field him in the upcoming elections.

With Tamil Nadu and Kerala being the second and third tier seats, the BJP has to hope that Sivaraman can win or can convince the people of Tamil Nadu to give him a chance because he is the only candidate from either of the two Indian states who has managed to win a seat in Kolkata, the seat he has lost in the last elections.

The BJP’s chief strategist, Gokulakrishnan, has said that the party should use this to launch its own candidate, but he has now stated that he and the opposition are on the brink of losing out.

He said that the party will have to go “all out” if it is not to lose the seat and said the party would have to “mobilise” its supporters in the constituency and “give it a shot”. However, with the number of candidates in the fray and with the fact that one of the parties is the BJP, it seems unlikely that the BJP will get any of its candidates elected either.

The party seems to be running a little bit of a fear campaign against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). They say it is because of the party’s poor performance in the last election that their candidate is being voted out. The party is also trying to raise doubts about the party’s integrity. In a recent party meeting, they did not even have the courage to ask the leader of their party, Rammohan Roy, a question about the election.

In what is being called the “BJP’s new campaign,” the party has now started to ask people to vote against people they don’t like. The new campaign is a little scary, because it seems to be part of a new strategy that the party is taking to try to unseat the BJP.

With the BJP being the main Opposition party in the state, the BJP is not going to let the voters forget about the opposition. The party has been continuously campaigning for its own candidates to be voted out for a few months now. They have started to ask people to vote against the people they don’t like. This comes as a surprise to many, but there is no denying that the BJP is not in a position to win this election.

The BJP is currently trailing in the recent polls. The party’s main focus is on the rural areas and the people in these areas are mostly illiterate. The results of the recent surveys from the Indian Election Commission show that most voters are tired of the BJP and are voting for the Congress. That being said, the Congress has been steadily increasing its lead. The recent surveys show that the Congress is doing better than the TDP and the SP.

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