indians are rude


Indians are just the most rude people on this earth. Every time they go to your friend’s party, it is just one more insult against you. To get even, they make you drink alcohol, eat pork, dance around your friend’s yard, and then leave you stranded in the middle of the night.

Indians are also the most ignorant people. No matter how drunk they get, they always think they can just tell you what you need to hear and they would never let you know that what they said was actually their opinion. In real life, being an Indian, in a small country, is a far, far better option than being a Jew. It would be so much easier to get drunk and tell you what you need to hear.

One of the most blatant examples of this would be the fact that Indians are always late for appointments. They can’t sit still long enough. In fact, they can’t even sit still for long enough to finish their sentences. They will just start walking around, talking to themselves, getting louder and louder, until you finally get up the nerve to ask them what they’re talking about. They’re always rude.

The Indian is always rude. In fact, Indians are rude all over the world. It could be a simple case of “you dont speak our language.

The reason Indians are so rude is because they can be. They can be rude and still be polite. Indians will always be polite people, but sometimes, they will be the worst people you will ever meet.

Indians are so rude because they can be. In fact, Indians are so rude because most of the time, they are being rude. When you try to make someone feel comfortable, they don’t like it. Theyre so rude because they cant stand their own company.

Indians can be rude, but for the most part, they are usually the most respectful people you will ever meet. Because their culture is a mixture of Indian, African American, and European, their behavior is so different from everyone else. Their customs and values are so different from those around them that they don’t feel comfortable with the people they meet. This is why Indians are so rude, because they are so different from everyone else.

They are not rude, because they are not the other people you will meet in India. But in a different way they do feel awkward around you. They can feel uncomfortable around a person of Indian descent because they are not used to seeing people of Indian descent, especially Indian Americans. But that is why they are so rude, because a lot of people of Indian descent are not used to seeing people of Indian descent. This is why Indians are so rude.

Indians are also more likely to make rude gestures at you when you talk to them. Because I feel like Indians are more sensitive to the way people treat them than people of other ethnicities. I will never forget the time a friend of mine told me that he didn’t care for Indians and felt that he had to put up with them. I was taken aback, because I didn’t expect that a friend of mine would treat Indians that way.

Because Indians are more sensitive to the way people treat them, they are rude. They will make rude comments and gestures to you that are rude if you are not of Indian descent.

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