hometown cha cha cha


I am so excited to be a part of this summer cha cha cha.

This is the official line of the band’s website, and it is a pretty catchy pop song. I’m not just saying this as an official statement, I just like the way they sound and think it’s an awesome song.

The video is pretty funny too. I can’t imagine people not liking the video.

I think it’s safe to say that the video may just be an unofficial statement, but I think the song is very catchy and I think its an awesome pop song.

The video was filmed last summer in the city of Los Angeles. Im glad they found a way to incorporate their music into a video rather than just using it as a cover. It is also a prime example of the direction that they’re going in, taking everything they’ve done to the next level.

The video was filmed in the city of Los Angeles and then edited throughout the summer without the city being mentioned, which is a great way to make a video that says, “Hey, we’re from around here, this is cool.

The video has a great feel to it and the lyrics have a great message about how LA is a great place to live. But that’s not all… there are also a bunch of action scenes that are a little cheesy. Still, the video is a great example of a band doing something different and a great sign that theyre growing up. The video is almost reminiscent of a young band, but with a little more attitude.

Its a great example of the band growing up and doing something different. At the same time, the video is a good indication of the band’s maturity and that they’re finding their niche.

This is one of the best videos Ive seen this year. It shows the different growth of a band. The video is an example of a band growing up, showing some of the more out of place elements that happen when youre a band. The video is also an example of how a band can show that theyre learning and growing. After all, if youre only showing us videos of you guys playing music and getting laid, we already know youre a bunch of jerks.

Sometimes a band will grow up, but if theyre getting too many hits on youtube, then it could be a sign that theyre not mature enough. The video shows a band growing up, but it also shows that you can still go to far. It also shows that some bands get to far, and that theyll grow and mature as they get older.

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