elephant eating banana


Because I started to eat bananas all those years ago, I don’t really have time to eat them at all. I think, though, that’s a good thing. I think they’re incredibly delicious and worth it. I think banana and banana are two of our favorite foods in the world.

And because bananas are so delicious, they’re so good, I would say that they should be the number one food in the world. That’s definitely true.

The reason I like bananas is they are so easy to make and taste. It is such a great flavor with all the flavors of bananas. I have seen some bananas in my kitchen that have been good, and it just isn’t good. This is where you go to buy bananas. This is your very own banana. It’s the first thing that makes me stop and think about what to eat next.

The reason I like bananas is because the bananas are so delicious. A typical banana is about 40% less sugar than a grapefruit, but the bananas are delicious. They are also delicious in the mouth. The most important thing to me is that they are so tasty. It is so easy to make them, but they are so hard to make.

The great thing about bananas is that they are so wonderful, but they are also so hard to make. It is something that I don’t like a lot about our food choices, and I don’t like that I can’t make them. I like the food choices that other people make. A lot of people eat their food and they don’t make it themselves, but they do make it “better” in some way.

Most of the things that people do to make their food better are really just adding good things to a food that can be so hard to make. The banana is a great example of this. I LOVE bananas, I make them all the time, but they are so hard to make. Every time I make them, I end up with some really sticky, hard-to-clean-out fruit that I cant enjoy.

Because of the way bananas are cooked, they are usually cooked in a way that breaks down the fibrous fibers and the nutrients in the fruit. The best way to cook bananas is to steam them, which you can do by placing them in the microwave or on a stove top and setting the heat to medium. Then, place the cooked bananas on a plate and cut them into them.

If you’re making macaroons, I recommend starting with the “peel and dice” method. This method is the easiest and best way to get the best result each time. The only trick is using the right kind of knife. Using a serrated knife will leave you with the best results, but it will cut through the fruit too much. Using a paring knife will let you make the best results without breaking down the fibrous fibers.

I’m not sure why the banana peel is involved. It might be because macaroons are made from fresh bananas, but I suspect it’s more that the bananas are a type of fruit. I’m not sure why there’s a special way to get macaroons. I’ve heard bananas are a type of fruit, but I haven’t tried them.

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