doodle dad


I have a lot of friends that are dads. As a result, I often hear from them about how much they enjoy being around their children and how they feel that they are doing their children a great favor by being around them at all times. In turn, they will often say, “If I had a kid like that, I’d be a dad!” I find this kind of sentiment to be both humbling and refreshing.

I think this is a really common sentiment among fathers. As the child grows, so do the responsibilities that are placed on the shoulders of the parent. Fathers are often called upon to be the primary care-giver in their child’s life, which generally means being the primary breadwinner. If you’re a father in this sense, you typically spend less time doing your job and more time just being with your child.

In a way this whole thing makes it all about the need to be a dad. For some parents, that means being the primary breadwinner and not just being the breadwinner, which means being the breadwinner. It doesn’t have to be a dad, it can be a parent, but it is a lot easier to work with when you have a son who is a father.

If you’re a dad, you want for your son to be able to grow up with a dad like you. Being the primary breadwinner is no different than being the primary breadwinner of your own home. You want there to be a dad, or at the very least a “dad” like you. For that reason, it is important to be able to support your child financially. The best way to do this is with a reliable, stable income.

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