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I was watching a lot of the first presidential debate in the middle of the night. The first lady was asking her fellow candidates a question. She asked one of them something like, “Donald Trump, you are a person who is very smart,” and then went on to ask another candidate a similar question.

Trump was smart, but I think my favorite line was the one that she said about his ability to put his foot in his mouth. You see, he was also the president of the US, and he was also a very smart person.

Trump is a good example of a person who is smart, but doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor (or a sense of who is going to get a joke). If it weren’t for the way he’s portrayed by the media, I think he would be the leader of the free world.

Trump’s ability to play up his smarts on the campaign trail was a little surprising, but it does seem like he has a sense of who is going to get a joke. And maybe that’s why he has so many famous friends that are very funny.

He also has a very unique sense of humour. I remember reading an article where one of the reporters said when he was a senator, he couldn’t joke about anything. I still don’t understand why he was so smart and funny. He has a funny, smart, and very funny friend named Steve.

The campaign has a very smart and funny candidate. Donald Trump is the kind of guy that you could go to his office and say, “Can I have my morning coffee.

Trump is smart, funny, and very funny all at once. I remember reading an article about Donald being so funny that even his mother was a little scared of him.

The reason that Donald Trump is smart and funny is because he is a good guy. He’s smart on the stage. He’s funny because he’s a smart guy. You can’t just see him and his friends sitting around the table. You can’t just see the other people. You see your friends at the table, and you can’t just see him.

The reason that his friends are smart and funny is because they are smart and funny and they are funny. They are smart because they are smart.

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