39 birthday


I have heard that 40 is the best age to get married. I have also heard that 39 is a bad age to get married. I have yet to find anyone who actually agrees with this opinion. One person who does agree with me, however, is my close friend Rob. Rob and I were discussing this issue in the park one day, where we were both sitting on a small rock. We were talking about different topics, and Rob finally asked me if I would get married at 39.

Rob is an expert on this subject, and though he and I are both from the same generation, we have different opinions about whether that age is too young or too old. I have been married since I was 23, whereas Rob and his wife have been together for 24 years. He has a great marriage, so I’m sure the age at which I would get married would be something other people would agree with.

We all get married every year, and the older we get, the larger the number of children we have. He is the only one who still has his own family. I think the real reason for our marriage is that they had more kids than Rob and our marriage is a family affair. The reason Rob and I have more kids than Rob and our marriage is a family affair, and one of the things we do when we get married is to have our own families.

Rob and I had a lot more kids than my mom and my dad, and my dad is an asshole. I was in a very abusive childhood, and Rob was one of the people who helped me get away from my dad after my dad died.

This is an interesting one. I have a lot of friends who say they don’t have any siblings, and the reason is almost always “it was a lot easier for me to raise my own kids than it is for Rob to raise mine.” Our family is actually pretty close. We have my sister (my parents got married before me) and my brother, and they are pretty awesome people. They also have some awesome kids of their own.

A lot of times when we hear about people who have kids, we tend to think that it’s just due to the fact that they have kids. Its only when we think about it from the other end that we realize that the reason they are so close together is because they are all related. So Rob and I are related.

While we are related, we are not related. We share no DNA. We are not genetically related because we are not related. So we don’t have any genetic ties. Just a lot of common-interest things.

But sometimes, its because we are all related. We are all from the same family. And so we can all have the same opinion. And so Rob and I can have the same opinion of what will happen this week. We’re related, we’re not related.

Another reason why you would want to have a relationship with a married couple is that they are all more related than a single mom. And that’s not just the truth, it’s the opposite of everything. The reason why we’re all related is because there are so few things more related than a married couple. And that’s not just the truth. It’s the opposite of the facts.

You could make a case for any couple to be more related than a single mom, but there are some couples that are more related to each other than a single mom. For example, married couples have a stronger sense of community than single moms. They also spend more time together, for example, they have a higher chance of getting married. Married couples also get married. And since couples are more likely to be married than single moms, then they are more likely to end up with kids.

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